The Lower Amur Predatory Fishes

General Information

The length of the Lower Amur is about 950 km. Here the river flows through the Lower Amur Lowland, where many lakes and mountain rivers abound with different fish.

The river fauna of the Lower Amur is considered one of the richest in Russia. 130 species of fish are found here. We can see such fish as: Elopichthys bambusa, Black carp, skygazer, Fresh-water catfish, Chinese Perch, Horse-Spotted, Yellow head catfish and many others, as well as relic fish - Kaluga, which is the largest representative of sturgeon fish in the world.

There are also attractions on the Lower Amur. In the valley of the river are the famous archaeological and historical sites: a temple on the Tyrsky cliff, ancient and modern eolian dunes, mobile sands with height of more than 15 meters and much more.

In details

  1. Duration : 7 days. Five days for fishing, the first and the seventh days are organization period.

  2. Number of persons in the group: 1-6 persons.

  3. Accommodation: camping. The guide determines the place for camping in dependence on the flood situation.

  4. Disposition: 2 or 4 persons in a tent (Red fox, Virginia, in autumn Mobiba with a stove).

  5. Transportation: by the minibus and the motorboats.

  6. Meals: 3 times a day, prepared by cook.

  7. Convenience: tents, mats, sleeping bags, a tent for ingestion, mobile bathhouse (especially in summer time), generator.

  8. Accident prevention:  life jacket, skilled guides, every boat has first-aid kit, portable radio transmitter (walkie-talkie).

Tour Program

Angling of the main predatory fishes (Elopichthys bambusa, Chinese perch, Skygazer,  Fresh-water catfish, Mongolian redeye) in Amur river and in the delta of Limurii river.  For those who wants to hook the most strong and the biggest fish of Amur river we choose  the rocky right-side of the lower Amur. The left side of the Amur  is a very compound system of deeply  channels which  create  the mouth of  the Limurii . It is the most beautiful and fishy river. The most interesting for fishermen are: the different kinds of  catfish,  pikes, Chinese perch and e.t.  Disposition of fish depends on the temperature and the water level in the river. If the temperature and water level change the fish has to change its location, usually it migrates from the main river to channels and to a floodplain lakes and back. Taking into account this fact we determine the place for fishing.

The cost of the tour includes

- Meeting / seeing off the group at the airport Khabarovsk or Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

- Motorboats. Equipment for accommodation (tent, inflatable mattresses, dishes, camp furniture, folding beds, sleeping bags, etc.)

- Power supply (220V and 12V)

- Satellite communication or mobile communication

- Meals: three meals a day. Hot breakfast and dinner, lunch – field kitchen: depending on fishing conditions and remoteness from the base camp. The diet includes: cereals, soups, fish dishes, vegetables, fruits. Meat products-tinned stewed meat, lard, sausage. Delicacies products are purchased by anglers independently and at their own expense.

- Cook services

- Warm shower.

- Bath is once in three days.

- Service of tour guides is for the whole tour.

- The duties of the guides include: general management, service and maintenance of the motorboats, installation of the camp, loading / unloading of the equipment on boats, firewood collection, maintain order in the camp.

In the warm season, we do not recommend anglers to stock perishable food because the stationary refrigerator is not provided for the tour.