Go fishing on Amur River

Fishing on Amur is a window of opportunity to catch  the huge fishes, most of them inhabit  only the river. Some of the species you never find anywhere else. We can offer for fishermen 7-days comprehensive program adventure in the untrodden places.

The Black Dragon River

Fishing at the Far East

The trip are for those  fishermen who dreams to catch the big fish that inhabits Amur

The trip is for those who is looking for the new impressions and wants to enlarge the list of the hooked fishes

There is no another big river with such various fauna in the Russia

Everybody who wants can  hook different kind of fish, such as: Chinese bass, cowfish, skin-carp, pike, mudfish and some others

Most of the fishermen think that only salmon fishes are at the Far-East, but they are wrong. If you lucky you can catch Elopichthys bambusa, The strength and the size of this fish can compare with the strength and the size of taimen and sometimes resistance is much greater

There are some other phenomenal predatory fish in the bed of Amur. As an example we can  speak about  skygazer (Erythroculter). It’s very strong fish and can be very big in size and a good trophy

The best time (for the trip)

from May till October

Our advantages

Fishing in unpopulated places and the chance  to devote your time to hobby

to hook endemic of the big size that you can never find anywhere else.

in comparison with flight to Kamchatka or Sakhalin the tickets are cheaper till Khabarovsk or Komsomolsk-on-Amur

subaerial  transportation to the camp is cheaper then air transport.

- you will feel yourself comfortable with the new motorboat and camp equipment

Long fishing season with 6-months duration can help you to plan your trip

our guides are skilfull with big experience in fishing in Amur river.

We pay much attention to meals, our cook is excellent.

If you can find 6 persons for the trip, the 7-the can go free of cost like a team-leader.

50 %prepayment for booking

for managers of the travel agency we may send the presentation

LTD “The Far-Eastern Fishing” Komsomolsk-on-Amur