Tour in the Amur Islands

General Information

This tour is organized on the large channel islands of the Amur River. The islands, where fishing is carried out in the fairway zone of the river and they look like large areas of land. Some islands have an area on the perimeter of up to 20 kilometers or more. As a rule, one shore of such islands is precipitous and stumpy. Depth in some places can reach 10 or more meters. The current is moderate to strong. Often in such places there is a river predator of impressive sizes (yellow-cheeked, top-eyed, catfish, Mongolian reds).

The opposite bank is less precipitous and generally has broad reaches with shallow depths of up to 5 meters with moderate flow. In such areas, medium-sized yellows, large skygazer, Amur pike, catfish and other fish feed on.

"The tail of the island" is not a wide strip of river shoal stretched for many tens of meters. Due to the fact that the river by its waters, skirting the island on both banks, on the "tail of the island" there are small areas with  weak and reverse current, whirlpools and "arrows" . The depth in these places is from 1 to 5 meters. It is here a large yellow-cheeked hunts. Hooking an individual in 20 kg or more is quite common with the correct selection of baits. Accommodation on the island.